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Camp Rules

The camp­site is part of a working rural estate where farming, forestry, game rearing, shooting, fishing and other activities are carried out. It is therefore very important that these rules, which are agreed by the Estate Management, are adhered to at all times.

General Rules

  1. In addition to these rules, you should also apply any guidance available from your parent organisations regarding safety, health & life issues and child protection.
  2. All users shall comply with the Countryside Code at all times. The Code is available online at:­countryside­code
  3. Never cut or damage any live trees, other plants or vegetation.
  4. This camp­site operates as a neutral environment. Only the approved uniforms, flags and emblems of the youth organisation are permitted and no club or country sports shirts or emblems shall be worn or displayed.
  5. All damage must be paid for so that damaged items can be returned to their original condition.
  6. Please respect the peace and privacy of the local people at all times.
  7. Safety Rules

  8. The emergency Assembly Point is at the camp­site entrance gate.
  9. Do not block the entrance to the lane­way or entrance to the cabin as this could prevent emergency services access.
  10. Except for guide dogs, no pets are permitted on­site.
  11. No alcohol is permitted on the site.
  12. Smoking is prohibited except at the designated smoking area at the Assembly Point.
  13. There is a fire hazard due to dry vegetation, cooking appliances, open fires and careless disposal of cigarette butts or glass, etc. Leaders must ensure that areas are thoroughly checked.
  14. Fires and barbecues are to be contained within the designated areas at all times and no cooking is permitted in the accommodation tents.
  15. When lighting any fire, the leader must ensure that suitable fire precautions are in place and that continuous supervision is provided.
  16. Fireworks and any other hazardous items are forbidden.
  17. Do not climb onto the roof of the cabin or any other building.
  18. There are deep water hazards both at the water channel in front of the main cabin and at the lakes. Caution must be exercised by all site users and effective supervision carried out by all leaders.
  19. In the natural environment, there will be slips, trips and falls. Leaders shall supervise as far as is practicably possible.
  20. Access

  21. Access shall be restricted strictly to those areas as identified by the Warden and on site notices. No access is permitted to any residence, outbuildings or their immediate grounds on the estate or neighbouring areas. If in doubt, check first with the Warden.
  22. Use of vehicles on­site is limited to the hard­surfaced parking area at the Jim Pike cabin.
  23. Equipment

  24. Electrical generators are not permitted due to fire hazard, pollution and noise.
  25. Use a safe battery­powered system if such is required, for night­lights, etc.
  26. Gas fridges are permitted but must be operated safely.
  27. All gas appliances must be operated in strict compliance with the manufacturers' instructions and your parent organisation's safety policy.
  28. Information Required by the Warden

  29. Provide all your vehicle details to the Warden on or before arrival.
  30. If you intend using the lake for water activities, check availability when you make the booking and check with the Warden on your arrival that permission has been granted by the Estate. (No motor powered craft is permitted on the water.)
  31. Any damage caused by a member of your group must be reported to the Warden. You should check for and report any existing damage upon your arrival.
  32. Any injuries to any member of your group or 'near­miss' events on site should be reported to the Warden.
  33. Report any intrusion upon the camp­site by unauthorised visitors.
  34. Leaders
  35. The leader in charge should prepare and apply a suitable risk assessment.
  36. Leaders must be registered by their respective organisation and properly qualified and certified to control all activities, including water activities.
  37. Leaders must be present in sufficient numbers to provide supervision.
  38. Any injuries to people must be reported in writing to your organisation insurance company in compliance with your organisation's policy.
  39. Report 'near­miss events' to your parent organisation.

General Conduct

If anyone staying on­site is considered to be of unreasonable behaviour, causing annoyance or are involved in activities detrimental to either our interests or those of other campers or neighbours, they will be asked to leave immediately.

Contract Terms

These rules and conditions form the basis of our contract with you and booking with us means that you accept these rules and conditions and any other reasonable stipulations which may arise from time to time. The warden or a member of the estate staff may issue further instructions if a safety or behavioural issue arises and such instruction must be complied with immediately.

Due to insurance requirements, only registered paid up members of the Scouting/Girl Guiding/Boys Brigade or Girls Brigade organisations are authorised to use the site; and you must possess valid insurance specific to your activities.

Privacy Policy

Your personal information is not shared with third parties. Booking information is only held for the purpose of managing bookings.